Doctor's Office

Dr Fate's OfficeDr. Jesse C. Fate was a homeopathic doctor, a graduate of Hahnemann College in 1880.  His diploma and picture of the president of the college are displayed in the office. "Homeopathy is the mode of treating diseases by the administration of medicines which are capable of exciting in healthy persons, symptoms closely similar to those of the disease being treated.  It is based on the belief that drugs have the power of curing morbid conditions, similar to those that they have the power to excite."  This is a belief going back to Roman times.

Dr. Fate built this two room frame building circa 1894.  It is characteristic of the buildings that lined the streets in small towns of the time.

The Doctor's office may be entered from the west without having to go through the waiting room.  The huge walnut desk and medicine dispenser cabinet are a style designed for such an office.  They are filled to capacity with bottles of pills and medicine of the original homeopathic remedies, exactly as Dr. Fate left it at his death in 1929.  Some contain liquid medicines which, because of their alcohol content, have not frozen during their years of storage.  You can see a copy of Dr. Fate's account book listing fees charged as well as a note pad with a very polite request for payment.  Of interest is an old 19th century cardboard Manikin with movable parts showing all the bones, muscles and organs of the body.  Also of interest are the early style metal splints used by F. W. Kruse, M.D. in Weeping Water, 1916-1933.Dr Waiting Room

The waiting room faces east so that it can be entered from the street.  The old base-burner stove is original as the bookcase containing the Doctor's medical books, a large overstuffed leather chair and a "fainting couch" which opens out to make a bed, completed with single springs and a buffalo robe.

This renovated building with its strictly original contents is on the National Register of Historical Places. 

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