Troop Builds Ramp

On Saturday June 7, 2014 members from Troop 220 did some community service for the Weeping Water Museum.


No RampOn Saturday June 7, 2014 members of Weeping Water's Troop 220 did community service work for the Weeping Water Valley Historical Society at the Memory Lane Museum. The Museum's lower storage area had a difficult step, which limited clean-up and the movement of possible display items. The troop decided that they would pour a ramp so the space could be accessed easier.

The project was a slight struggle to complete mainly due to the weather. Two previous occasions the project was rained out. With the multiple rescheduling of times, it limited the amount of scouts that could work. On Saturday, two scouts Nathan Kelsay, and Kayden Tummons, showed up along with three leaders; Charles Cover (Scoutmaster), Scott Kelsay (Asst. Scoutmaster) and American Legion Post #237 Charter Organization Representative, Bill Cover.

The project's total time taking into account, the planning, getting the forms, pouring the ramp, and finishing, took approximately 5 hours. The ramp was 6 ft in length at the base, 4.5 ft wide and 15 inches in height. Twenty-five bags of concrete mixed were uses in the project, along with Bill Cover's mixer.

The Troop felt that doing this was very important. "Teaching boys about giving back and being part of the community is key in the values that I want to pass on to the younger generation" said Charles Cover. This is a project that the will benefit all the parties involved. It helps teach the boys skills, and enables the museum to move some things around for display purposes.

Finished Ramp

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